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Why Japanese has an effect on health

‘Washoku' added to UNESCO Heritage list

12 May 2013, "Washoku(Japanese cuisine)" is registered in the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage, now in spotlight as a "healthy diet" from all over the world. Registered background is this.

"Long from north to south, four seasons there is a diverse and rich natural to clear Japan, where was born food culture also, we have been nurtured to snuggle up to this.
Such, the "practice" for "food" that was based on the temperament of the Japanese called "honor nature"; titled "Japanese traditional food culture of the Japanese people", has been registered in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage It was. " --- Quoted from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries website -

One Soup and Three Side Dishes

「One Soup and Three Side Dishes」
Soup one article, by the configured menu with side dishes 3 dishes (main dish one article + side dish 2 dishes), formed from ancient Japan, is a diet style rooted in tradition.

■You will be feeding a well-balanced nutrition

Rice (carbohydrates that becomes a source of energy), soup (water), you can take a well-balanced side dishes (other nutrition). This "One Soup and Three Side Dishes" is also excellent in digestion and absorption, to prevent overeating, excess fat and sugar, it can be expected to effect or to discharge the salt.

■They are slowly digested and absorbed

Digestible compared to bread and meat slowly, it says the best menu in the long Japanese of the intestine.

■And prevent obesity

Nutrition is not too biased, because a variety of nutrition mix in the stomach, you can also expect extra fat and sugar, the synergistic effect of or to discharge the salt.

Whole food

「Whole food」
In Japan, there is the idea that one entire product since ancient times.
In the diet, that if all ingredients whole, is that it really can be taken a good nutritional balance. Is because it is difficult to eat the animal whole, small fish and vegetables from the old days in Japan, brown rice, etc., I ingredients take the easy whole nutrition has been rooted.
By all means, dish on the table, why not try to incorporate the entire one product.

Fermented food

The fermented food contains a lot of "vegetable lactic acid bacteria". In such plant lactic acid bacteria, there is action to adjust the balance of good bacteria and bad bacteria in the intestines.


Miso, soy sauce, natto, sake, rice vinegar, etc.


Shiokara,dried bonito,Crucian Carp Sushi